About Us

INVIdata is the result of out-of-the-box thinking and research in the cyber security scenario. We are focusing on finding entirely new solutions against internal and external thefts by sophisticated scammers, hackers, disgruntled employees about to leave the organization, as well as remote employees working on a WFH basis who can copy or clone the organisation’s digital identity and its consumers’ personal data and dupe them financially. Meticulous and foolproof solutions have been worked out after studying their modus operandi. INVIcryption is the most innovative security and safety solution from INVIdata ensuring following protection

  • Unauthorized Access Control

  • Non-Hackable

  • Non-Corruptible

  • Non-Transferable

Problem /Challenge

Security and Data breach threats are increasing despite all currently available security solutions.


Visible and accessible data is easy to hack.

Our Solution

" INVIdata Technology has developed unique algorithm to invisibly store Data as Sizeless or Zero Bytes within a File thus concealing it almost like our Brain stores information without any defined size. INVIdata technology uses IUP ( Invisible Unicode Programming) which is the outcome of long-research based on combining Stegnography with White Space Programming using all 54 Invisible characters of Unicode."

INVIdata is the first ever company to focus on working on creating internal security layers on DNA of Data Storing Mechanism just like it happens in our brain where our thoughts are Invisible.

In addition to that INVIdata uses DNA like recognition system to enable verification of it's Authorized Users.

Instead of adding additional external protection layers on a File we have worked on strengthening the DATA itself.

This is the beginning of switching over from DATA to INVIdata!! Be an early adopter to benefit from this coming revolution in data security....

INVIcryption Algorithm

It's done by blending visible characters with invisible Unicode characters, to make them invisible

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INVIlayer Algorithm

INVI-layer Algorithm

INVI-layer is an invisible layering technique that modifie metadata to ZERO byte, making it non accessible by any computer system.

Who can Benefit?

Practically all organisations and professionals who want to protect themselves from scammers/hackers by ensuring that data is secured and protected from unauthorised recipients.








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